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Santa Rosa


N 14 ° 14'06 "

E 90 ° 15'17"

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1,200 m above sea level

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Hugo Campollo

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72h fermentation

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Finca Don Leo

Hugo Campollo runs a small plantation in the highlands of Guatemala.
The soil of the region has been enriched by volcanoes for millennia and gives this coffee
its special taste: little acidity, chocolaty and nutty notes.


Hugo Campollo has refined its own variety of arabica: the rare Pacamara is known for its exceptionally large beans. Only the ripe cherries are picked by hand and gently roasted in Bremen. We look to quality every step of the way to produce the finest Guatemalan coffee.


The plantation is special because it is operated in a very environmentally friendly manner. This includes water-saving measures as well as the use of one of natural fertilizers. Coffee cultivation is combined with other plants such as macadamia, bannans, trees from the region and others, which contribute to biodiversity and soil.

Finca Don Leo is an award winning plantation for its coffee varieties; including its Espresso, the Honey-Processed Variety and its very own highland Robusta.




Vollmundiger Kaffee

Noten: dunkel Schololade, Nüssig

Wertung: 90 Punkte

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