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Cusco, Perú

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1.950 - 2.000 m müNN

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Franklin Carbajal

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Finca Paqaychayoq

In the basin of the ancient Inca culture and a few kilometers from Machu Picchu is the plantation of the Lorotupa Osorio family, which for more than 80 years has carefully cultivated one of the most original coffee beans: Arabica Typica.


This delicate grain is particularly difficult to grow and, at the same time, less productive than other more recent varieties, so it is unfortunately grown in fewer and fewer areas. It grows best at an altitude of 1800 to 2005 meters above sea level and in a cooler climate.

Finca Paqaychayoq has always relied on the biodiversity of the jungle outside of Cusco. Coffee plants grow best in partial shade. Therefore, different indigenous trees are used as shade plants, which in turn leads to better soil quality and therefore a better product. In addition, no pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the cultivation process. 

 The beans are harvested by hand at the appropriate individual time, fermented, dried and finally washed before they reach us. The beans are then brought to Bremen, where they are gently roasted in a small roastery and then carefully weighed and packaged by hand. The taste profile of Typica is very complex and convincing with sweet and fruity flavors of apple, caramel and citrus.

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