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Our Decaffeinated Coffee from Colombia can be prepared as filter coffee or espresso. Its chocolaty in taste with caramel notes, particularly good as a cappuccino. It is also suitable as a stronger filter coffee for anyone who wants to enjoy coffee -without caffeine.

The Huila region is known for its high-quality coffee cultivation. Here the coffee berries grow at altitudes of up to 2,000 meters. This coffee, which is hand-picked and processed the same day, is grown by several small farms that have joined forces in the Huila region.

Before the decaffeination process, which also takes place in Colombia, the coffee is depulped and fermented for 16-18 hours, after which it is washed 3-4 times. The decaffeination of the coffee is carried out using the "Sugar Cane" (cane sugar) process, which works with natural solvents and is a pressureless process. The sugar cane, which often grows in the coffee-growing regions, serves as the basis for this process. The sugar cane-based molasses is then fermented. This process produces ethanol, which is mixed with acetic acid to produce ethyl acetate.

Before the green coffee is mixed with the ethyl acetate-water mixture, it is steamed to open the pores. During this process, the caffeine is dissolved, which is then separated and filtered. Steaming the beans again removes further residues. The green coffee is then dried and packaged ready for transport.

This "The Natural Decaffeination Method" sounds strange at first because of the formation of ethyl acetate, but it is a purely natural process. Ethyl acetate can also be found in wine, beer and fruit, among other things. This procedure is both gentle and very well tolerated.

Huila - Decaffeinated coffee

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  • Product information

    Farmer: several small farms

    Preparation: decaffeinated

    Variety: Catillo, Caturra

    Cultivation height: 1,200 - 2,000 meters

    Region: Huila I Colombia

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